Creative Interior Design Themes for Offices

Coming up with an office space that is functional, distinctive and stunning is no easy task. You must do plenty of work to get it right. The interior design of an office is an essential element because it has a direct impact on your team’s productivity and morale. Yes, the interior design of an office, even for a shared office space, affects your bottom line.

The ideal workplace should be one that encourages people to focus on their jobs, be productive, energise them and yet avoid over stressing them. You also want a place that fosters collaboration and is as physically comfortable and practical as possible.

Here are some creative interior design themes for offices.

Activity-Based Theme

Activity-based office plans enable workers to operate from anywhere within the shared office space that suits their current activity. For instance, if one of the team members wants to work on something that requires a high level of concentration, he or she can head to one of the many private rooms, avoid distractions and work from there.

If you are considering renting, you can pick a serviced office rental in Singapore with an open plan to encourage collaboration. Also, ensure that it has specially designated areas for privacy, quiet focus, meeting areas, lounges and refreshment areas.

Flexible Working Office Theme

If your area of business operations involves creativity, a dynamic office set up can work wonders for you. A flexible working theme entails using use office furniture that are moveable and resizable. It’s quite a deviation from the traditional approach of always having furniture and appliances at fixed spots – that’s why they are called fixtures – to having a dynamic office arrangement.

Psychologists say that it’s an excellent way to enhance collaboration and build new teams, especially if your business operations require contracting specialists every now and then.

Also, you can adopt an office theme where no one has a designated working spot.

A Nature Themed Work Space

Everyone has an innate need to connect with nature. Whenever we bring ourselves closer to nature, the outcomes are surprising. Your health improves, you can concentrate better and become more creative.

Whether it’s a serviced office rental in Singapore, or co-sharing office in Singapore, integrating nature will work wonders for you. It could be a small fountain or just potted plants. Also, you could even place an aquarium in the lounge.

Lastly, an Office with a Home-Like Atmosphere

All the themes mentioned above help get people in the mood to work. But you can also ask your interior designer to work around the concept of making the shared office space as homely as possible. A home away from home that incorporates brightly coloured, cosy sofas at the lounge or meeting rooms can put employees in a better place to tackling their work for the day.

The idea is to make the shared office space as stress-free as possible. It helps reenergise your team members and keeping them productive throughout the day.

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