Coworking Space Singapore

For self-employed freelancers and innovative start-ups, coworking spaces are the ideal environment for work, granting independence without compromising on productivity levels. They are also a better investment in the long run, as compared to café-hopping which requires a great amount of spending on food and competing with the public crowds for seats. In addition, having a dedicated workspace as opposed to working from home ensures minimal to no distractions, replicating the ambience of a corporate setting to instil a focused work mindset.

In fact, a survey done in 2015 by Harvard Business Review revealed that those who used coworking spaces found their work to be meaningful. They had job control, which granted them the flexibility to tailor their working schedules to suit their needs, whilst maintaining a work-life balance at the same time. Moreover, without direct competition and internal politics, people do not need to create a work persona or worry about fitting in with office dynamics. As these coworking spaces are occupied by a diverse group of professionals, it allows one’s work identity to become stronger and fosters a spirit of collaboration and exchanging of ideas.

As more entrepreneurs in Singapore are building up their own businesses, a variety of coworking spaces have begun to pop up through the island city. We offer a coworking office space at the cheapest rates, with the best location in Singapore’s Central Business District at Tanjong Pagar. Our office space is designed to create a comfortable workplace, with flexi or fixed desks, reliable Wi-Fi connection, toilet facilities and a well-stocked pantry that comes with a refrigerator and microwave oven.

Surrounded by numerous basic amenities from shopping malls and banks to money changers and convenience stores, our office space is easily accessible by bus (available bus services: 61, 75, 80, 145, 167, 196) and train (nearest MRT stations: Tanjong Pagar and Outram Park). It also comes with parking spaces for those who wish to drive to work. Additionally, a plethora of eateries, restaurants and hawker centres ranging from local Singaporean cuisines to exotic ones such as Thai and Korean cuisine abound. No matter the budget and taste preference, you will be something to sate your hunger during mealtimes.

As the concept of coworking starts to garner traction in Singapore, businesses and projects will no longer operate in the conventional way within their spheres of isolation. The concept disrupts traditional working cultures in Singapore and encourages collaboration and interconnectivity between businesses. Our coworking space provides a platform for different professionals to socialise and network within a community or scene, allowing them to market and put their brand out there. Different members can assist one another with their unique skill sets, as well as, challenge the boundaries of projects and ventures.

If you have any further enquiries or would like to know more information about our coworking spaces, feel free to contact us.