Co Sharing Office for Rent

Are you a struggling entrepreneur? An aspiring innovative start-up? Or perhaps you are the type of person who cannot get motivated working from home? Put your worries aside, for we offer a tantalising solution for you. If you have not heard about shared office spaces, now you have!

What is Co Sharing?

Co sharing is the use of an office by people who are self-employed, or freelance professionals working for different employers. By working alongside people from different organisations, skill sets and industries, it allows for a wide range of opportunities for you to interact, collaborate, and bounce ideas off of each other.

Why Co Sharing?

Gone are the days of hopping from one café to another and buying cups of pricey coffee. With a dedicated office space shared among different people, you will be sure to see a boost in productivity levels while forging connections and expanding your network of contacts. As an aspiring entrepreneur or freelancing professional, it is easy to feel lonely if you were to be working from home. Co sharing spaces open you up to a sense of community that comes free off unnecessary drama and internal politics that corporate environments tend to have. Should you run into any obstacles or challenges on your business ventures or projects, the person who might be able to save your day could be sitting right next to you! Not to mention, co sharing allows you to create your own work schedule, giving you the autonomy to decide your own flexible hours. By customising your own work week, you will be achieve a nice work-life balance which will translate to greater output of productivity.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, our quaint shop house along Yan Kit Road is naturally lit and thoroughly furnished with sleek and brand new décor. Opened 24/7, our office space for rent offers fixed and flexi desks catering to your needs, private spaces, and meeting rooms, as well as a fully-stocked pantry where you can recharge yourself with a cup of coffee or tea. Filing cabinets, lockers, pedestal drawers, power strips, printers, ergonomic office chairs and executive desks; you name it, we have it.

Our prime location in the CBD will grant you the prestige of owning a professional business address, ensuring that other clients and collaborators will take you and your brand seriously. For those who drive to work, you can park right at the doorstep of our office. For those who usually take public transport, the address can be easily accessed from two MRT stations (Tanjong Pagar and Outram Park) and multiple bus services at the nearby bus stop. Furthermore, Tanjong Pagar’s local park spaces and greenery are perfect for leisure breaks, be it a short jog to shake off stiff muscles or just having a fresh change of air.

With our shared office space for rent in Singapore, this is a solution so great you will not want to pass.